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Company Information - About Us

Warcraftloot.net is the leading online distribution and retail channel for World of Warcraft accounts. We are one of the most trusted websites for buying accounts.

Here at WarcraftLoot, we offer top of the line new services for WoW Accounts. We oldest dealer of MMO Accounts. WarcraftLoot is an USA only based company, with our customer service offices stretched across the United States. Focusing most of our attention on World of Warcraft, we buy, trade, and sell over 5,000 accounts every month to customers worldwide. When you buy a WoW account, you buy with these advantages no other company on the internet offers!

We utilize the latest e-commerce and internet technologies to provide you with the fastest and most efficient service. We are 100% US based and are dedicated helping you find a character that suits your needs.

Buying From Us - How do we do it?

Warcraft Loot has done away with tireless searching through hundreds of servers by offering you the ability to transfer to ANY server of your choice, AND letting you choose your character's name. We also offer the options of custom made, custom made2go, and transferable to brand new accounts. You can now play with all of your friends, and you never have to worry about your purchased character's reputation, as it is guaranteed to be perfect. 

Here are some of the services we offer

1). A Variety of WoW Account Options: Custom Made, Non Battle.net Merged, Secure Transfer, Build An Account, and Pre Owned Accounts. Just browse our selections, and ask our support any questions on our world of warcraft accounts.

2). Insurance: All of our accounts are insured meaning if a problem occurs, we will replace the WoW account and add an additional 50% to what you paid for a replacement account. Now that is an insurance policy for your WoW Account. You can also upgrade your insurance package to full coverage terms!

3). Protection on all WoW Accounts - We protect every WoW Account to the fullest. By offering the variety of accounts, you know you will be buying a wow account not only in your name, but insured lifetime from any issues when you play World of Warcraft.

4). Guarantee on WoW Accounts - If you don't receive your WoW Account from us, just ask for a refund, no questions asked. We guarantee all our deliveries for World of Warcraft or your money back!

5). Automated Services for World of Warcraft - Quotes to Deliveries, are all automated with our advanced backend technology for WoW. Our accounts technology is the most advanced in the industry, so expect instant quotes and deliveries with us!

6). Chinese Free - No outsourced support period for our WoW accounts support. We are 100% USA Based for protection for all our world of warcraft accounts.

Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the TERMS OF SERVICE & PRIVACY POLICY.

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