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What People Look for When They Buy World of Warcraft Account

If you are going to be trying to sell your World of Warcraft account there are a few things you should consider in order to be able to make as much money as possible. These simple steps can get you much more money than you could ever imagine.

Here are a number of things that people look for when buying a World of Warcraft account:


  • Epic Weapons = Epic Money. A large number of people who bought World of Warcraft account were polled and asked why they bought that the account they did. Nearly 90% of the people who responded said that they chose the account due to the inclusion of a truly unique and rare weapon. Keep this in mind when you are leveling up an account. Go to areas with your WOW character where epic weapon drops are known to occur. It might take a bit longer to get a great weapon, but the time will pay off when you sell the account for a large amount of cash.
  • Go for cool looking gear. While a set of WOW character armor might provide more protection, a cool looking set will bring in way more money. You might have a number of different pieces making up your WOW character armor as well, but a full set will get you a ton more cash when you sell your account. Be sure to sell off any of the extra gear you get to earn money as well. Many players have a hard time finding pieces of armor to complete their WOW characters sets, so you can earn money selling the odds and ends you earn from them.
  • Gear is valuable. Do not underestimate the value of gear when selling an account. Many players do not want to buy an account and then have to play just to get bags and other essential items. The better the gear you have, the more money you can earn when you sell your World of Warcraft account.


Sell your World of Warcraft account and earn real-world money just by playing this awesome Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It is truly amazing that motivated players, and even not-so motivated players, can earn money for high level accounts. If you are a casual gamer, you can sell your account and earn money. If you have started a number of accounts, played them for a bit, and then moved on to a different character, you can sell those accounts for money. There is a real demand for accounts by players who are new, and not so new, to WOW who want good characters to play with. Do not hesitate to sell your account for money as you can always start new WOW characters and get that back to a high level. Selling an account is easy and can be done quickly. There is really no reason that you shouldn’t sell your high level account, in game gold, gear and weapons for real-world money. Sell your account today and get back into the game!