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Trade An EVE Character and Keep Playing


Are you an avid EVE player? If so, you might be getting tired of your characters and are thinking about starting over, but do not want to have to level up another character. There is an easy solution. Just trade an EVE account and keep playing at the high level you are use to.


To trade an EVE account all you need to do is decide what type of account you want and make the deal. Often, you will be able to get a new account quickly so you do not miss out on any playing time. If you want to Trade EVE accounts that are at a higher level than what you have you might be able to get one if you have some great weapons or gear or if the other account does not come with much.


Trade an EVE account and the game will feel like new again but you will not have to start over. If you want to have a completely different type of character you can easily get one when you trade an EVE account.


If you are a veteran of this epic space adventure you can trade your current account for another one. Some players will trade for EVE characters quite often as they play the MMORPG just so they can experience the game from a number of different perspectives.

If you want to trade EVE accounts you shouldn’t worry about trading for an account that you may not enjoy. It is easy to trade that EVE account after you play it for one that you might enjoy better. This allows you to try out numerous types of characters without having to start over from level one.


If you want to play the game as different characters then you should trade EVE accounts.