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Why Trade EQ Accounts?


You may have heard about people buying and selling EverQuest accounts, but did you know that you could trade EQ accounts as well? It is true. There are hundreds of players who grow tired of their characters and will trade their character for yours.


It is simple and easy to trade EQ accounts. Numerous players do it everyday. Many players of EverQuest trade accounts so they can experience the game as a different type of player or as one that is at a higher level. Some players will trade an everquest account so they can get a character that might be a lower level, but has better weapons or skills.


If you have a lower level character, but have decent weapons or gear, you can trade EQ accounts to a player that has a higher-level character in order to be able to get to areas and beat bosses that your lower level character has not been able to defeat.

If you do have a high-level character you should consider a lower level trade if that account has more gold and better weapons. You should be able to get the character to a high level quickly with the better weapons you will acquire from the trade.


If you want to trade EQ accounts be sure to get all of the details of the account prior to making the trade. In nearly all trades, both parties are satisfied with the transaction. Always look at the skills of the EQ accounts you are acquiring as well as the weapons, armor and gold.

Making trades is a great way to breathe new life into a game that might have gotten stale for you. Playing a high-level character is more fun than starting one from level one. Trade an EQ account and enjoy this great MMORPG from a new perspective.