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Selling WoW Accounts - Sell WoW Accounts - WoW Account Selling

Selling WOW Accounts is Easy

When somebody first told me that they spent their days just playing World of Warcraft and getting paid for it, I laughed and laughed. After they told me how they did it I didn’t laugh anymore.


They told me how they just play all day and once their character gets to a high level, they sell that World of Warcraft account and start another. Many times a good player who is selling WOW accounts will have a number of different characters that they are leveling up at once. This way they can pass different weapons, armor and gear between each character and have an easier time leveling up.


I asked how they did it. I asked how could I make a good living playing and selling WOW accounts. I was told that even though it can take a number of months to level up 1 character, that once you do, the next ones take less and less time.


Sell a WOW account as a full package, or just sell off gold and epic weapons are two ways that you can make money. Many of the best players who sell WOW accounts often will sell gold and weapons before they are ready to sell off the high-level character. This enables them to earn money almost on a daily basis.


I started selling WOW accounts and have since quit my boring job and got my own house. I even am able to just play when I want to play. No longer do I have to adhere to a schedule set by somebody else. The more I play, the more I earn. You can earn tons of money when you sell your WOW account. It is easy to do and you can make quite a bit of easy money while being able to have a great career.