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Get Your Own Leeroy Jenkins: You Could Become the Next Machinima Video Sensation!

Most any owner of a World of Warcraft Account—and even quite a few denizens of the Internet who tend to stay away from the world of Azeroth—knows the battle cry of “LEEEEEROOOOOY JEEEEENKIIIIINS!” Love him or hate him, he’s certainly become a WoW sensation. He even made it into the official World of Warcraft trading card game!

Leeroy Jenkins and his oblivious impatience in the midst of a super nerdy player guild’s ridiculously-detailed plans for an assault on Blackrock Spire started as a spoof of people with wow accounts who take the game far too seriously. Now the spoof has fans of its own who use the audio track and video to re-spoof other pop culture sensations like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and even MasterCard commercials.

Who knew one wild human Paladin with an affinity for chicken could become one of the most widely-recognized wow characters on the web? How do you get in on that kind of action? By creating a machinima video (real-time CG videos, usually taken from MMO games) with your own incredibly iconic WOW Accounts and wow characters!

Get together with some buddies who’ve got wow accounts or if you’re creative enough, just start with a keyboard and a blank word document. Brainstorm ideas for a funny or dramatic adventure that could take place with wow characters in Azeroth. (Drama is fine if that’s your thing, but comedy is more likely to catch on with the masses when it comes to machinima videos!) When you’re ready, write the script!

Next, cast your wow characters. What if you and/or your friends have a great idea for a hilarious machinima video but you don’t currently have the wow characters in your wow account to make it happen? Do you have to create new wow characters from scratch and devote a few months to leveling them up? Do you have to complete multiple difficult quests and events to get your wow characters the perfect wow account items for your story? Will you even feel up to “filming” after all the time you have to waste just to get these wow characters up to standard for your video?

What if you could cast your perfect video with wow characters practically made to star? What if it were only days or even hours before you could start filming those perfect wow characters? You can, when you Buy WOW Accounts Instantly at an MMORPG Account Store!

You could get a look at enough “headshots” (or detailed specs) on the WOW Characters On Sale at an MMORPG Account Store to make even a Hollywood blockbuster’s casting director jealous. WOW Characters On Sale at MMORPG Account Stores include wow accounts with wow characters at levels as high as seventy from all races and classes and from either side of the conflict that permeates the land of Azeroth. Start your new wow characters at practically any server, with items and gear you thought could only dream of!

You know you’re going to be paying the best possible prices for WOW Characters On Sale at an MMORPG Account Store because they’re staffed with wow account experts who monitor the supply of and demand for wow accounts across the web. Think of the relatively inexpensive prices as a necessary expense to begin shooting your own video as soon as possible.

Who’s the next Leeroy Jenkins? You decide when you Buy WOW Accounts Instantly at an MMORPG Account Store!