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Soak Up WoW Even Outside of Your Computer Screen with WoW Books, Comics, and Manga!

This can be said of any hobby: If you’re passionate enough about something, you want to immerse yourself in that world entirely. You want to spend much of your free time losing yourself in whatever floats your boat. And if it’s MMORPGs that provide the buoyancy for your sea-faring vehicle, chances are quite high that your World of Warcraft Account is where you spend most of your free time.

But aren’t your eyes getting a bit tired of glaring at the computer screen? Don’t you have a few other hobbies you enjoy but have nonetheless lately suffered from a little neglect? Do you love reading fantasy novels, comic books, or manga? (Chances are, if you devote yourself to developing a wow account, you most certainly do!) Then enjoy the world of Azeroth even when you give your eyes a break from the virtual world—and pick up some version of the printed word!

Like perfectly compelling characters straight out of an expert player’s wow account, WoW made the jump to novel series in 2001 with Richard A. Knaak’s Warcraft: Day of the Dragon. Currently nine novels bear the Warcraft or World of Warcraft name and prequel events in these novels give a lot more depth to the development of the world of Azeroth you currently explore with your own wow accounts.

TokyoPop started publishing the Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy manga (actually a “manwha” drawn by a Korean, not Japanese, artist) by Richard A. Knaak and Kim Jae-hwan in 2005. The tale of Kalec, a beautiful blue dragon, and Anveena, an attractive peasant girl, is developed and gripping enough that it could have been its own series outside of WoW. But the fact that it has something in common with your wow account makes it all the more appealing! A new manga series, Warcraft: Legends, started in 2008!

DC/Wildstorm Comics has been publishing a monthly American-comic style saga since 2007. An amnesiac human washes ashore one day and finds himself part of a gladiator group who just barely get along. They traverse Azeroth to take on foes in combat and to discover clues to the amnesiac human’s past.

If any of the wow characters or stories in the novels, comics, or manga have inspired you, you’re probably anxious to develop wow accounts featuring wow characters just like the ones you’ve read about. But if the human Mage Rhonin has tickled your fancy and you’ve got a WOW Account filled to the brim with high-level Horde wow characters, do you really feel like starting from scratch to develop an Alliance hero?

How many hours or months of frequent, boring leveling-up play would it take you to get a human Mage up to the level of your Horde tauren and blood elves? What if you could brose WOW Characters On Sale at some sort of MMORPG Account Store and find the perfect human Mage match for your Rhonin tribute? Well, MMORPG Account Stores do exist and for just that purpose. Buy, trade, or sell WOW Accounts online!

Skip the most boring part of developing your wow account. Buy WOW Accounts Instantly at an MMORPG Account Store and be playing with your new wow account in days, if not hours! You can even Trade WOW Accounts you already have if you’re tired of them. Or just Buy WOW Accounts Instantly and play with new wow characters side-by-side with your old ones! (If you have two computers!)

Since you can Buy WOW Accounts Instantly, what’s the hold up? Get your novel, manga, or comic homage wow characters today—and start playing at the top!