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The Best Ways to Make Money with WOW Accounts


Many players of World of Warcraft do not realize that they can make almost an unlimited amount of money while playing this addictive and amazing MMORPG. Many people simple play the game and, when they get bored, start new WOW character. Some players will simply stop playing and close their accounts when they tire of the game.

If you play and have a WOW account you can make money. Not in-game money, but real world money. Some players make hundreds in a single day. Add that up and you will realize how much money those players can make in a year. You can make the same money too.


You can make money with your WOW characters in a number of ways. You can do the following things to earn money:

Sell your high-level WOW accounts. There are thousands of new players starting each day. Many of these players do not want to start off at a low level. By selling your account you can allow these players to start off at a high-level. You do not have to stop playing WOW. Simply create another WOW account and keep on playing.

Sell your gold that you earn with your WOW characters. Many new players will need gold in order to buy new gear, weapons and armor. They will also need gold to pay for their mounts. You can sell your gold and earn real world money!


You will be surprised how much money you can make selling your WOW accounts, gold and even your weapons and armor. There are players who simply buy and sell WOW characters as their career. Don’t hesitate to get started selling your WOW accounts and earning money today.