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Playing World of Warcraft at Your Kitchen Table

A tauren Druid culls the weak in his party and shadow damages his foe with a hit worth the attack points of his fallen brethren. But then his foes execute a Frost Shock and blast the tauren and his remaining allies to kingdom come. Did the tauren make the right decision in sacrificing part of his own team? Was he, as a member of the Horde, at least in character?

Sound like some battle you witnessed while you were out taking your wow characters for a walk in digital Azeroth? Or some battle that caught your attention while you were raiding the fridge for leftovers from last night’s pizza? The official World of Warcraft trading card game is taking Azeroth out of the digital realm and quite literally into the hands of wow players everywhere!

There are hardcore, gorgeous, and silly wow characters that make their way into the WoW trading card game that you surely wish you could play with in your own wow account. That tauren Druid mentioned at the beginning makes his way into the World of Warcraft trading card game as Tewa Wildmane, a greenish ox-like anthropomorphic beast with a mane of hair that’s quite as wild as his name implies. Then there’s the bearded night elf Hunter Elendril who rides a white tiger and adds some muscle to your ranged attacks.

Other wow characters in the WoW trading card came include the human Mage Lt. Commander Dudefella whose frost attacks against the Horde are almost as in-your-face as his cartoonish name and appearance. And let’s not forget the human Paladin Leeroy Jenkins. If you don’t know who he is, you’re missing out! And who doesn’t want to see the huge monkeys those wow characters can grow with Papa Hummel’s Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit?

Short of creating brand-new wow characters, how can you get wow accounts with the perfect homages to those WoW trading card game characters that have got your back every time you slam them down on the table? How can you avoid the hours and hours and hours of gameplay necessary to bring those wow characters’ homages up to a decent level? How much time will you have to devote to your wow account so that you can find items for those wow characters with similar effects to their trading card wow characters counterparts?

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They’ve got a tauren Druid at the kitchen table? You’ve got a level-70 tauren Druid taking names online. Only your wow characters aren’t going to be so foolhardy! It may be Horde-like to sacrifice one of your own, but you need some help to kick some Alliance butt!