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First Time Shoppers - How to Purchase Accounts

Buy World of Warcraft accounts online can be tricky. But at Warcraft Loot, we make the process as easy and simple.

First, select a faction and class to search for wow accounts that you are interested in.

All the equipment on a character is displayed in a CTProfile, which can be viewed by clicking on a character's description. We verify all character gear before placing them on our secure website.

Warcraft Loot offers free character transfers to any server, as long as the server is available for transfer. For a list of available realms, click here.

At the end of each character's description is either PVE or PVP. Please note that PVE characters may only transfer to PVE realms.

When you are ready to purchase an account, you must select your new character's name and server. In addition, you may also elect to have a secure transfer.

After you have completed your order through Google Checkout, we will begin the character transfer. Please note that order processing takes approximately 1 hour but may take up to 24 hours.

When we have delivered your character, your account details will located on Google Checkout purchase history. Doing this helps us by ensuring secure account delivery.

If you have any additional questions about purchasing accounts, please visit our FAQ or contacting us via Live Help.

Thank you for choosing Warcraft Loot!